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Volume 27   Issue 3  July 2015

Editors' Introduction

Symposium: Crafting Communism

The Party and Communist Solidarity
Jodi Dean

Communism as a Mode of Life
Stephen Healy

The Question Before the Communist Horizon
Anjan Chakrabarti & Anup Dhar

The Party and Postcapitalist Politics: A Missed Encounter?
Yahya M. Madra & Ceren Özselçuk

Anticapitalism or Postcapitalism? Both!
Ethan Miller

A Plurality of Communisms
Justin Helepololei

More-than-Capitalist Landscapes of Communist Becoming
Oona Morrow & Claire Brault

Communism “without Guarantees”
Jim Igoe

Whiteness, Communism, and Possibility
Pem Davidson Buck

How Do Communists Party?
Joseph G. Ramsey

Parody, the Party, Politics, and Postcapitalism: Some Thoughts on a Shared Future
Stephen Healy

Red, Black, and Green
Jodi Dean


Flamme éternelle
Thomas Hirschhorn

Symposium: Class Struggle On The Home Front: Work, Conflict, And Exploitation In The Household

Unstable Feminisms: A New Marxian Class Analysis of Domestic Labor
Drucilla K. Barker

The Magic of the Ouroboros: Reflections on Class Struggle on the Home Front
Cecilia Rio

The Happy Marriage of Antiessentialist Class Analysis and Feminist Exploration of the Household
Harriet Fraad

“Not a Thing to Prophesy and Plead For”: From Determinism to Overdetermination in Marxism and Feminism
Graham Cassano

Original Articles

New Forces of Resistance: Antiessentialist Revolutionary Subjectivity in Marxist Theory
Brian C. Lovato


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