Rethinking Marxism



Proposals for papers, films, or other formats should include:

  • Paper title
  • Presenter's name and contact information (mail, email, phone, affiliations)
  • Brief abstract (no more than 200 words)
  • Technology/spacial requirements for the presentation

Proposals for panels should include:

  • Panel title
  • Name, contact information, and paper title for each presenter
  • Brief abstract (no more than 200 words) explaining the panel's focus
  • Brief abstract for each paper (no more than 200 words)
  • Names and contact information for any discussant(s) or respondent(s)
  • Technology required by the presenters
  • Title, contact, and address for any sponsoring organization or journal

Proposals for the Steve Resnick and Rick Wolff Track:

  • If your paper or panel proposal is intended for the track on the work of Steve Resnick and Rick Wolff, please indicate this in your submission. More info.

The appropriate preregistration fee must be paid with all proposal submissions. Unfortunately, any proposal not accompanied by the appropriate preregistration fee cannot be considered. Proposals that are not accepted will have their preregistration fees returned in full. If you are submitting a proposal for an entire panel, please make sure the preregistration fee for all members of the panel is paid.

The deadline for proposal submission is July 1, 2013.

Submissions should be emailed to Vincent Lyon-Callo.

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